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What real people have to say

Meditation newbie here. Totally apprehensive at first, but glad I tried the 1-month subscription. Found a lot of fantastic resources. And my mood has improved significantly.
I’ve been snapping at my kids a lot lately. Working from home for the last few years hasn’t helped. Thankfully, my workplace is really big on mental health. My manager suggested meditation and I decided to give it a try (my company even paid for the subscription as part of their mental health initiative). Loving it!
Whenever I thought of meditation before, I imagined people sitting in fields eating granola. That’s not what modern meditation is at all. Subscribe. You’ll be glad you did.
This app changed everything. My family relationships. My work life. My social life. How I talk to strangers. Everything. Get it.
I’ve always wanted to meditate, but I never knew where to start. This app steered me in the right direction.